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Hire robots to help you
Start AI and ML implementation right now.
Robotize repetitive operations in your applications
In RPA projects, we focus on people, not on systems.
We choose time-consuming ineffective processes to be easily done by robots.
Our framework lets us automate processes in any system.
Cloud and On-Premise versions
  • Develop and manage your unique robots in Web interface and execute them everywhere you want.
  • In case of strict security requirements, you can install our system server on-premises.
Simply extended on the fly
  • Create new actions right upon your robot development. You need no compilation and external tools.
  • New extensions are automatically added to the database and replicated to all developers in a few minutes.
  • Robots and extensions version control included.
  • Access your data in a single location: no separate files and projects.
  • Use different programming languages: 1С, JavaScript, Python, PowerShell, AutoHotKey.
Fixed prices
Get the best offer on the market: no annual fees and robot subscription fees.
  • You can execute your robots in Mac, Windows or Linux.
  • Low resources requirements: the system client is executed natively with no virtualization framework needed.
Best integration with 1C apps
  • Stable
    Effectively integrated with standard or managed forms. No COM objects are used. No selectors, no picture clicking.
  • Great number of professionals with relevant background
    Everyday activities of most 1C Developers are about automation. They're proficient in accounting, payroll, and simple routine tasks.
  • Use voice commands to create your robots
    Assess our speech recognition functionality to make your robot creation process even faster.
  • Full 1C Framework compatibility
    Take advantage of ready-to-use 1C applications.
  • No extra development
    Benefit from "record user actions" feature inside 1C Framework.
Nearly any integration is possible. This is RPA framework.
Native 1C support. Even managed or standard forms.
We use SAP GUI Scripting for SAP integration.
We support OCR Tesseract from Google, Yandex Vision and Beorg services.
Chatbot frameworks
We support DialogFlow from Google, and Bots1c.
Integration services
Want to integrate with the system outside the list? Look up Apiway.ai, Albato.ru, Zaiper.com. We have templates for different integration services.
Computer Vision
We use OpenCV, TensorFlow, Yandex Vision for object detection.
Bank statement processing
Sign in your bank account, download statements, upload them into your system, change analytical dimensions according to previous data, use emails and text messages to notify bookkeepers and top management of cash inflow.
Avoid duplicate data entry
Whenever you get an email, your robot reads a document, recognizes it, enters it to 1C or SAP app, posts the document, and sends it to your customer using your EDI service.
Source document processing
Whenever you get an email, your robot reads a document, recognizes it, enters it to 1C or SAP app, posts the document, and sends it to your customer using your EDI service.
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